Swamp Talk is a fun word game. It’s also full of potential as a learning tool. As students play Swamp Talk, they identify and create consonant blends and vowel combinations. They also find root words, prefixes and suffixes. Swamp Talk asks players to form words in a different way than most word games; it ‘tickles’ a different part of the brain. Swamp Talk strengthens students’ word knowledge and is a great addition to other word study activities.

The Swamp Talk Teacher Ambassadors are teachers who use the game in their classroom and share the game with their colleagues and on their social media networks. Teacher Ambassadors have:

  • Access to early versions of new game settings and features
  • The opportunity to give direct feedback to our developers
  • The option to participate in an online community of teachers using Swamp Talk and other games in their classrooms.

How Teacher Ambassadors use Swamp Talk in their classroom is as varied as the individual teachers — which is to say, no two classrooms are the same! What all the Teacher Ambassadors share is a love of words, and belief in the power of games in learning.

Want to learn more about the Swamp Talk Teacher Ambassador program? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch soon!



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