Tertl Releases Swamp Talk


Montpelier software maker Tertl releases Swamp Talk, a new word game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Montpelier, Vermont, July 28, 2011 – Tertl Studos has released Swamp Talk, a new word game app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Swamp Talk is easy to play yet endlessly challenging, engaging word lovers of all levels.

Swamp Talk is already listed as a New and Noteworthy word and arcade game on the App Store. Customer reviews describe Swamp Talk as “a new kind of word puzzle that combines vocabulary with thinking ahead” and “the freakishly addictive offspring of Scrabble and Tetris.”

Swamp Talk is currently available as a free, single-player game. Players like the game’s unique combination of strategic thinking and arcade pacing. Two game modes plus a custom mode make Swamp Talk a great game for a three-minute break or a three-hour car ride. A multi-player option is in development with an anticipated release by summer’s end.

Tertl is a Montpelier, Vermont-based company that strives to combine a love of learning and ideas with the fun of games. Tertl Founder Chris Hancock has a background in educational and new media R&D. He developed classroom math tools and co-created the edutainment hit Zoombinis while at the Cambridge-based Technical Education Research Centers. At the MIT Media Lab, he developed new approaches to educational and robotics programming.

Swamp Talk is Tertl’s first entry in the mobile app marketplace. Previously, Tertl has conducted grant-funded research on new paradigms to help kids learn math and computing. “We created some fabulous innovations in math and computing tools for kids,” Hancock says, “but getting the tools to market is time and resource-intensive.”

“That’s the wonderful thing about apps,” Hancock says. “They’re smaller and can be produced more quickly and cheaply.” The first version of Swamp Talk was developed in about three months.

Players of all ages can learn vocabulary by playing Swamp Talk, but that’s not the game’s main focus. “The game is fun in its own right,” Hancock says. “It has depth, and Tertl’s core values—a good game, and the love of intellectual challenge—are well represented by Swamp Talk.”

The game is a free download from the App Store for a limited time only. Visit the Swamp Talk blog at swamptalkgame.wordpress.com for gameplay video, screenshots and more.

Sylvia Fagin, Outreach Coordinator
Tertl Studos LLC
Montpelier, Vermont



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