calls Swamp Talk “a must have app”

We were completely psyched this week to get a 4 1/2 star review from Reviewer Luke Patrick called the game “a simple to understand concept that’s challenging to master, making it ideal for all kinds of players” and “a must-have application for fans of word games on the iPhone.” We got quite a lot of downloads in the days after the review, so we are definitely grateful to Mr. Patrick for the time he took to play the game and review it.

In his review, he mentioned that he’d like to see leaderboards via Game Center. He’s not alone! Many Swamp Talk fans have asked for this and we are listening. In the upcoming release (just a couple of weeks away!) Swamp Talk will connect to Game Center so you can share your high scores. The upcoming release will also have a multiplayer option, so you can play with and against your friends.

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