T-Shirt Winner!

Congratulations Kathy Curry! You are our weeks top scorer. In the 100 Letter Challenge you earned yourself a 623! Yes, that will do! Your well-earned t-shirt is coming your way soon.


One More Day!

We are going to allow for one more day to send us your high scores for the week and win your free T-shirt! On Thursday, November 17th we will announce the winner and post the highest score! Good luck everyone. May the games begin!

T-shirt Competition!

Hey all. So, left over from our 2-day stint at Tech Jam, are a bunch of Swamp Talk T-shirts (in particular a large number of XL’s–our founder, Chris, seems to think that everyone his his size 🙂 ). We have decided to have weekly competitions for the left over T’s. This week, we are starting with a basic High Score competition. So send us your high scores (and information) and we will send you a T-shirt. Good luck!

D-e-c-e-m-b-e-r Doesn’t Work?!?

While it is still relevant, we would like to give one last shout-out to our Tech Jam high scorers—Michael, Alma, and Kate. Also, we would like to tip our caps to Katie (8 years old) who impressed us all with her skill. Kate, her father Patrick, and her brother spent a lot of time with us at our booth, even coming back day 2 to try and beat their previous high scores. Day 1, Katie blew us away by spelling D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R. We watched as she started to form the word, used her wildcard for the “B”, and then swiped across her 8 letter word. But (oh no!) its not legal to use a proper name! This did not get Katie down, however. She made several big words over the two days and won herself a T-shirt.

High Scorer, Michael. Blurry, alas.

High Scorer, Alma!

Thank you, Tech Jam 2011!

We would like to thank the organizers of the 2011 Vermont Tech Jam last weekend at the old Borders Building in Burlington. We would also like to thank all of the people who spent time with us at our booth playing, commenting on, and even downloading Swamp Talk. It was great hearing all of your feedback about our product and it was exciting to see how many of you really enjoyed the game. Thanks to everyone who participated in our T-shirt competition and congratulations to all of the winners.  We would like to especially acknowledge some of our high scorers for the weekend, particularly Michael who led the pack with a 482!

High Scorer Kate and family came both days to improve their Swamp Talk skillz.

Tech Jam 2011!

Swamp Talk is very excited to be attending Vermont’s 5th Tech Jam next Friday and Saturday (October 28th and 29th). Tech Jam is an annual exhibition where Vermont tech companies showcase their business, research, development, etc. Tech Jam 2011 will be held at The Borders Building on Church Street in Burlington. Doors open at 10 a.m. Come visit our table, play the newest version of Swamp Talk, and grab some Halloween candy from our candy bowl! We are, as always, grateful for your support.

We Accept Your Dare, New High Scorer!

We have noticed here at Swamp Talk that our family members get just as into (and often more competitive about) the game as we do. This is certainly true for our intern David’s mother Kathy who, after reading about Chris’ high score, was determined to beat it. Once she had achieved her goal, she sent us an email saying “I smashed the record with a 539.  Post that on your blog, I dare you, lol.”  Well Kathy, we accept your dare and offer you our congratulations!

We noticed that, like Chris and Pat, Kathy leans towards longer words and doesn’t seem to waste many letters on smaller ones. Most of her words are worthy 25 points or more.