How to Play

When letters start falling from the top of the screen, your job is to tap the spot on the line where they should go. Arrange letters into words by inserting the falling letter between the letters already on the line, and swipe the completed word with your finger to get the points. Longer words mean a higher score. When you get a word, the frog will perk up and croak. If the line gets overcrowded, letters start dropping into the swamp.

Swamp Talk has three game modes:

HUNDRED LETTERS – Maximize points from one hundred letters. In this mode, Swamp Talk is a thinking game. Strategize!

SURVIVAL MODE – Letters arrive faster the longer you survive. Keep them from falling into the swamp to stay alive and keep playing. In this mode, Swamp Talk is an action game. Think fast!

CUSTOM – Use 15 parameters — including tempo, time bonuses and saved letters — to configure the game that’s perfect for you.


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