D-e-c-e-m-b-e-r Doesn’t Work?!?

While it is still relevant, we would like to give one last shout-out to our Tech Jam high scorers—Michael, Alma, and Kate. Also, we would like to tip our caps to Katie (8 years old) who impressed us all with her skill. Kate, her father Patrick, and her brother spent a lot of time with us at our booth, even coming back day 2 to try and beat their previous high scores. Day 1, Katie blew us away by spelling D-E-C-E-M-B-E-R. We watched as she started to form the word, used her wildcard for the “B”, and then swiped across her 8 letter word. But (oh no!) its not legal to use a proper name! This did not get Katie down, however. She made several big words over the two days and won herself a T-shirt.

High Scorer, Michael. Blurry, alas.

High Scorer, Alma!


Thank you, Tech Jam 2011!

We would like to thank the organizers of the 2011 Vermont Tech Jam last weekend at the old Borders Building in Burlington. We would also like to thank all of the people who spent time with us at our booth playing, commenting on, and even downloading Swamp Talk. It was great hearing all of your feedback about our product and it was exciting to see how many of you really enjoyed the game. Thanks to everyone who participated in our T-shirt competition and congratulations to all of the winners.  We would like to especially acknowledge some of our high scorers for the weekend, particularly Michael who led the pack with a 482!

High Scorer Kate and family came both days to improve their Swamp Talk skillz.

Tech Jam 2011!

Swamp Talk is very excited to be attending Vermont’s 5th Tech Jam next Friday and Saturday (October 28th and 29th). Tech Jam is an annual exhibition where Vermont tech companies showcase their business, research, development, etc. Tech Jam 2011 will be held at The Borders Building on Church Street in Burlington. Doors open at 10 a.m. Come visit our table, play the newest version of Swamp Talk, and grab some Halloween candy from our candy bowl! We are, as always, grateful for your support.

Lunchtime Swamp Talk Slam at Bear Pond Books – Wednesday, August 3

Tomorrow, head out at lunchtime and stop by Bear Pond Books to try your hand at Swamp Talk. We’ll have iPads and screens set up so passers-by (that’s YOU) can try a preview version of the multi-player game now in development.

Bear Pond Books–selling independently in central Vermont since 1973–is located at 77 Main Street, Montpelier.

Swamp Talk Slam

Lots of enthusiasm at the Swamp Talk Slam last night! Two new teams, “Nan” and “Tara and Zach”, competed directly against each other. Despite Nan’s expert coaching from Chris, Tara and Zach ended up ahead.

In a solo game, Jen, host of Movie Trivia Night, tore up the house. She’s a natural.

One team, with much effort, pulled off “trivia”. Everyone cheered. Other excellent words played last night: “committee” and “anything”.

Swamp Talk Slam at Name That Movie – Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Friday, July 29, Swamp Talk sponsors Name That Movie trivia night, followed by a Swamp Talk Slam!

Last week’s Slam participants loved the pace of the game, the addictiveness, and the quick thinking that Swamp Talk generates.

Bring a team or join new friends – compete to see who knows the most movies, then stick around to try Swamp Talk, the iPhone/iPad word game that’s easy to play and endlessly challenging.

Winners of the movie trivia game will win a gift certificate to Bear Pond Books – redeemable for a copy of The Superior Person’s Book of Words or any other book of the winner’s choosing.

Name That Movie is Downstairs at the Savoy at 5:00. The game costs $2.50 per person; there’s a cash bar and free popcorn.

Can’t make it? Swamp Talk is now on the AppStore – download free now!

Swamp Talk meets Japanese students

This afternoon, we introduced Swamp Talk to a group of Japanese students currently in Vermont to improve their English. They were captivated – five students crowded around the couch, shouting out ideas. They learned quickly, without the tutorial, and retained the new words they discovered from random swipes, using them again and again. It looks like Swamp Talk is an effective and fun way for English as a second language learners to practice their skills.