About Us

About The Game

Swamp Talk is the easy to play, endlessly challenging iPhone/iPad word game app from Tertl. This family-friendly game engages word lovers of all levels.

Catch letters and use them to create words before they hit the water. Tap on the line where you want the falling letter to go and swipe to select your completed word.

Maximize your score with agility, vocabulary and strategy. Using common patterns, be ready to build a word from any letters that arrive. Challenge yourself to have words ready when you want them. Make the most of every letter!

Swamp Talk is perfect for a quick break during a busy day or an engrossing diversion during a long car trip. Play for minutes or stay for hours – there’s fun in the Swamp for everyone!

Choose from two word game modes:

HUNDRED LETTERS – Maximize points from one hundred letters. In this mode, Swamp Talk is a thinking game. Strategize!

SURVIVAL MODE – Letters arrive faster the longer you survive. Keep them from falling into the swamp to stay alive and keep playing. In this mode, Swamp Talk is an action game. Think fast!

Or CUSTOMIZE! Use 15 parameters — including tempo, time bonuses and saved letters — to configure the game that’s perfect for you.

* Addictive gameplay keeps you engaged — for three minutes, three games, or hours
* Progress through challenging levels and earn access to advanced game play
* Family-friendly language filter option makes game playing safe for kids
* Customizable game speed and letter distribution

Increase your familiarity and comfort with more words. Swamp Talk is a three-minute brain challenge anytime. Know words better!