Winning Converts Faster: Part III

Hey All! Just wanted to thank you for all your helpful feedback the past couple of blog posts and wanted to pose one more question for you– we know that word games are very popular and in fairly high demand. We are proud of our product and think it has great potential to win followers—especially amongst “wordies” and word game junkies. Would you say that you fall under one of these two categories? Do you see a high demand for word games out there? How do you think ours compares to some of the others?

Thanks for all of your suggestions and feedback. Any other helpful advice you have for us to win converts would be so appreciated.



4 thoughts on “Winning Converts Faster: Part III

  1. I am a big “word-junkie” fan and I think that word games are very popular right now. I play scrabble and words with friends all the time. Swamp Talk is a good addition!

  2. Hey. I think you guys have a great game here! I do think one thing that would help you compete with games like Words with Friends would be a 2 player version where people could play against one another.

  3. I agree with Mary D., that multiplayer would be a great addition. Particularly if it were connected through Facebook, Twitter or the like– traffic on Game Center is often a little slow. Last I heard, a multiplayer version was in the works… how is that coming?

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