Winning Converts Faster: A Response

Swamp Talk player Kathy Curry wrote us a great, thoughtful response to our last blog post. Below she gives some insight into how to make the game a little more intuitive. She even included a graphic!

In response to your questions in “Tinkering with Swamp Talk to Win Converts Faster: Part I,” I find the game pretty intuitive in general, and of course I’m totally addicted, but as a new user, yes, I did have trouble understanding where to tap. I was one of the hordes that wanted to drag the letter down, and my friends made the same mistake when I showed them the game. The photo I’m posting along with this comment demonstrates my idea for a change in the “How to Play” instructions. I think the arrow that points from the letter to the line might mislead those of us who get our cues visually to think we should drag the letter down. I would get rid of the arrow and use a graphic to emphasize the “tap.” I’m sure you can make a better graphic than I did, but at least you can get the idea. (Kathy Curry)


Tinkering with Swamp Talk to Win Converts Faster: Part I

We are encouraged that week in, week out, slowly but surely, the Swamp Talk user base is growing. This tells us that people are enjoying Swamp Talk and recommending it to their friends. However, we’d like it to grow faster. We are always interested in improving our product and would love your feedback about things you think work well, don’t work, or (with a little tinkering) could work even better. We have three specific questions we would like to put to the player community before releasing our newest version of the game. One question we have is, how intuitive do you find the game? When you first began playing did you have trouble picking up the rules? Was our “How to Play” feature helpful or did you find it incomplete? When we debuted our newest version of Swamp Talk at Tech Jam 2011, we noticed that most people who were playing for the first time wanted to drag the letter down instead of tapping the spot they wanted the letter to be placed. Did you find yourselves doing this the first time you played? If so, how should we better alert players about the “correct” way to play? Any ideas? Any other tips on how we can make it easier for people to understand how to play when they are first using the application?

Thanks for answering our first question and say tuned for future instillations of “Win Converts Faster”.