Have you scored over 500? Here’s how:

Here at Swamp Talk, we’re always excited to hear of scores topping 500 (in 100 Letters mode). When we first started test-playing the multi-player version in teams, one team scored 501 and everybody cheered – few of us had ever scored above 500 on our own.

Except Chris. He’s the founder, so it makes sense that he’s routinely able to score 500; his best score is 510. Imagine our collective admiration when his wife, Pat, scored 524!

One of the interesting things about this game is that there are no giant words, just a steady stream of 7- and 8-letter words (and one 9). Chris remarks that some of his best scores happen this way, too.  Each word scores the square of the number of letters in it – so a few 7-letter words at 49 points each plus a couple of 8-letter words (at 64 points) and a 9-letter word at 81 points…and you’ll top 500 before you know it.

We have no record of anyone scoring higher than 524 with the published version. If you’ve scored higher, send us a screenshot and we’ll include it in a future blog post!


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