New Characters on the Horizon: Help Us Choose!

Tertl is working hard to prepare Swamp Talk 1.1 (with a multiplayer option, and wildcard letters!) for its upcoming release. At the same time, we are also looking further ahead. A major enhancement for later in the fall will be a collection of new characters that players can purchase for use in both single and multiplayer games. These new avatars will let players enjoy a new look and choose a distinctive swamp resident to represent them while playing alone or with others.

Here’s a peek at some characters we’re considering: an alligator, a heron,  a dragonfly, a duck, a slimy swamp creature, and a newt.

Please help! We need your input to decide which of these new characters should be the first to play alongside our iconic frog. Please vote for your favorite in our poll, and feel free to leave us some comments as well. We’ll keep you posted as characters are selected and refined.


One thought on “New Characters on the Horizon: Help Us Choose!

  1. The ‘gator looks like he’s plotting something, and the newt looks highly caffeinated. While I like the heron, he doesn’t seem to have much of a personality.

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