Swamp Talkers: how do you like ‘dem Letter Pods?

If you’ve made it up past Level 5 in either 100 Letters or Survival game mode, you’ve earned yourself at least one letter pod. These are handy places where you can stash a letter before it’s been placed on your line. Letter pods are a recent addition to the Swamp Talk game design, and we’re still deciding how best to use them.

The design team would like to know your perspective. How do you use letter pods? What do you think of them? Do you enjoy the added flexibility, or do they slow you down too much?

One option we’re considering is to reduce the number of letter pods at the highest level of the game from 3 to 2. There will still be ample rewards for advancement, as we are adding wildcards in the next version (more on wildcards later!). What do you think? Do you treasure that third letter pod, or is it expendable?

Talk to us!


What do you think?

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