Hint: Prefixes

The prefix game objective (100 Letters level 5) has been one of the most controversial ones within our team:

          “In one game, use 5 of these prefixes: de-, dis-, en-, mis-, pre-, re-, un-“

It’s a hard one! To help you out, we’ve compiled these lists of common words that begin with these prefixes.

A question we’ve debated is: what should count as using a prefix? In PRETEEN, pre- is clearly a prefix, and in PRETZEL it clearly isn’t. But what about PREFER or PREMISE? Here, the prefix pre- were added before the words became part of English. We don’t say FER, but the Romans did, and we can still hear the meaning of “before” in the words. Should that count?

And what about PREEMIE? It comes from PREMATURE, where the pre- is clearly a prefix. Is it still a prefix in PREEMIE?

We enjoy these questions, but we concluded that they shouldn’t matter in Swamp Talk. Our game objectives are intended to help you get better at playing the game. And in the real game, any word is fair play. So Swamp Talk will accept any word that adds at least a couple letters to the prefix (meaning you can’t meet the dis- requirement with DISS, but you can with DISCO). Just for fun, some of us set ourselves the extra challenge of using only “true” prefix words. Others went for the most direct route available. It all depends on what you consider fun!


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