Hint: How to use a lot of vowels

You might have a lot of vowels on your word line. Or, you be trying to meet this high-level Survival objective:

          “In one game, play five 4+ letter words that have more vowels than consonants.”

We found this one of the hardest objectives to play. But we came out stronger. When vowels start raining down, we know what to do.

The first thing is to know vowel-heavy words. See below for some of the most useful vowel-heavy words in 4 letters.

Remember: if you use a lot of vowels meeting an objective, you might not have a lot left over for just staying alive! So it also helps to know how to use a lot of consonants. More on that later…

Four-letter words with three vowels:
 acai          aeon         ague         aide          akee*         aloe
 aqua          area         aria         aura          auto          beau
 ciao          ease         eave         epee          euro          idea
 iota          lieu         luau         oboe          ooze          ouzo
 roue          urea         zoea (crab larva)

(* Akees are a tropical fruit. We have eaten them. They’re good!)

Five-letter words with three vowels are very common. We put them on another page, along with some six letter words with FOUR vowels!

What do you think?

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