“I feel so smart right now.”

Today was another great test day at Tertl. Melissa brought her son Alexander and his friend Nicholas to try out Swamp Talk. They loved it – particularly the simplicity and originality. Nick noted, “It’s not like any other word games.” Alex explained, “It’s original, not like others trying to be like Angry Birds.”

Alex’s favorite feature was Time Attack. “It goes really fast. It makes me feel smart.”

Nick said, “I really like the music. It’s so catchy. It’s perfect.” Also, “I like the sound the frog makes.”

“I think it sounds like a duck,” Melissa interjected.

“I don’t care what it sounds like, it sounds funny.”

Thanks also to Zach, whose favorite mode was 100 Letters, and to Jan for stopping by.


Complex gameplay and simple interface

This morning was another Test Play session at Tertl Studos. Kate and her brother Jonah stopped by to check out Swamp Talk and offer their feedback. Kate admitted, “I’m usually really bad with technology– I tend to break things. I like that I’m not breaking it so far.” She laughed. “I like that I can use it and it doesn’t confuse me. It’s fun. I think I should be doing better at it– I’m a writer!”

Jonah declared, “It has enough simplicity. It’s not too complicated, but not too easy. Most of the word games I’ve played eventually turn into Scrabble, but this one doesn’t.”

We saw a bit of sibling rivalry as brother and sister attempted to one-up each other with long words and high scores.

Thanks also to Eli and Gabe for coming in to play! Special thanks to Gabe for bringing a friend.

There will be another test play tomorrow, from 10 to 12:30 at 29 College St. Follow the signs and come on in!

Time attack mode will give me a heart attack!

Today Tertl Studos welcomed seven intrepid game testers to try out Swamp Talk and give our programming team feedback on the game as we head to submission to the App Store. Thanks to Jen, Julia, Nina, Pat, Julia, Finn and Ben for hanging out and having fun. Is our game addictive? Julia barely looked up for 45 minutes! And Jen declared that “time attack mode is going to give me a heart attack!”

If you missed the fun, we’ll be test playing again next week, Monday-Thursday June 27-30, from 10-12:30 each day (drop in anytime). Join us at 29 College St., Montpelier (the yellow Pacem building on the college green).  Bring your own iPhone and we’ll give you the game, or use one of our devices to play. Come be a part of the first iPhone game designed in Montpelier!